Editor Guidelines

Our publishers main desire is to expand scientific information internationally.

Hence, editors are the chief support for IJBRT. Our Publishers passionately trust that every single member of the editorial board plays an important role in supporting the guidelines in Open Access Publishing and each Editor on the Editorial Board follows the similar principles.

Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • Editorial board members are most welcome to give their valuable ideas for organizational development.
  • Editorial board members should make sure a capable of peer review process under prominent reviewers, and they should be careful to maintain confidentiality throughout the procedure.
  • Give in new suggestions and modifications for the journal which take us in a better path and improve us for providing our users even better services.
  • Pre-examination and taking conclusions on new submissions related to their research interest and field of expertise.
  • Editorial board members are welcome to submit their precious articles at their feasible time.
  • Editorial board members can review the submitted manuscripts at their sufficient time only and if time doesn’t allow for reviewing the manuscript, Editorial board members can recommend other reviewers.
  • The Ultimate conclusion regarding approval, revision, and refusal of a manuscript rests only with the editor. He/she should cross check the subject quality, writing style and assembly, sentence structure, spellings, data presentation and organization prior to take the final decision.
  • Editorial board members should monitor the reviews to contain clear-cut suggestions and truthful modifications that indicate amiability rather than unfair language or abusive criticism.
  • Editorial board members should ensure the protection of particular data and preserve privacy and are responsible for assuring the honesty in the published work.
  • Should encourage submission of quality papers by writing Editorials on the Journal’s performance.
  • Must ensure that the article is neither plagiarized nor circulated elsewhere. If the Manuscript got plagiarized or infringed, the EB members have the right to refuse the manuscript straight away.
  • Should manage and assist the publisher in handling objections and requests, responding honestly to ethical troubles about publication of any replicate or fraudulent work.

Categories Based upon their Experience and contribution towards our Journal


Editor-in-chief should take over the whole responsibility for journal prestige and whole content of the journal and peer review process.

Advisory Board

Enthusiastic member of journal Editorial board member and who encourages the journal by supporting ideas will be added to Advisory board members.


Editor promotes the worth of a publication. IJBRT welcomes professors, scientists’ researchers and medical and technical experts who are interested in working as volunteer editors.

Associate Editors

The Associate Editor must support the Editor in assuring the quality of content found in Journal and conveying its vision for the journal to authors, Editorial Board members, publisher & readers. Associate Editor should be focussed with the guidelines of the Journal and publisher, Author guidelines, Editor Guidelines and Reviewer guidelines.