Peer Review Process

Peer review is the verifying and scrutinizing process by which an article, content or a paper submitted by an Author is validated by the members of IJBRT who have expertise in that field of study are. The content which is submitted to the IJBRT Open Access must go through double-blind peer review in order to be confirmed and published in our Journal. Peer Review system provides the researcher with a benefit where their content is checked without any cost by the colleagues to make sure if the contribution has met the specific standards.

The Peer review procedure provides you with few advantages which include improving the quality of your scripts, checking out the loopholes which might have been missed by you, validating the fact that high quality articles are published to intensify your reach in the scientific community and is the end product of your efforts only.

We follow the double-blind or double-anonymous review system, in which the personalities of authors and reviewers remain anonymous. Neither the author nor the reviewer will know its details. This will help get the top-graded material from reviewers and authors fairly. Thus, the double-blind peer review system enhances your manuscript and makes it more acceptable to the scientific society.