Open Access

Open Access refers to ungated online content that is accessible for free. Users don’t need to pay, login, register or make any payment in return for the information provided on this Journal. They can just go through the website, look up a specific article or video and read, download, copy and share the content without any restriction for any legitimate purposes.

Open access policy

  • Instantaneous and free access to the published articles.
  • Open access makes published work swiftly and permanently available online for all globally.
  • Follows Peer reviewing procedure.
  • Copyright retained by authors.
  • Creates new opportunity for new developments in digital environment.

 Benefits of open access Journal

  • High quality and rigorous peer review
  • Open access publications run through the same double blinded peer review process which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers and vice versa, throughout the review process.
  • Article metadata is stored digitally according to their guidelines permanently.